What is a Augmented Reality ?

Written By Namaqu Aoi on Sunday, July 8, 2012 | 1:11 AM

Augmented Reality

Ronald T. Azuma (1997) defines augmented reality as a merger of real objects in real environments and virtual, interactive walk in,,, real time, and there antarbenda integration in three dimensions, namely the integrated virtual object in the real world.
Merging real and virtual objects is possible with the appropriate display technology, interactivity is made possible through the device-specific input devices, and good integration requires effective tracking.

In addition to adding a virtual object in a real environment, the reality tertambah also potentially eliminate objects that already exist. Adding a virtual image layer is possible to remove or hide the real environment of the user's view. For example, to hide a table in a real environment, needs to be described layer representation of a blank wall and the floor laid over the image a real table, and thus mask the real table from the user's view.

Virtuality Continuum

Milgram and Kishino (1994) formulated the framework of the possibility of merger and consolidation real world and virtual world into a continuum virtualitas.
The far left side is the real environment that only contains real object, and the far right side is a virtual environment that contains the virtual object.
Within reality tertambah, who more closer to the left side, environment are real and objects nature maya, temporary in a augmented Virtuality or virtualitas tertambah, who more closer into the right side, environment nature maya and objects nature tangible. Virtualitas tertambah tertambah reality and mixed reality or combined into a mixed reality.


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