What is a SLR Camera ?

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Single lens reflex cameras (English: Single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras) are cameras that use a single track system lens line to pass the beam of light toward the two places, Focal Plane and viewfinder, enabling photographers to be able to see objects through the exact same camera as the picture. This is in contrast to non-SLR cameras where the view is visible in the viewfinder may be different than what was captured on film, because this type of camera uses a dual lens range, 1 to pass the beam of light to the viewfinder, and the ranks of the other lenses to pass the file light into the Focal Plane.

SLR cameras use pentaprisma placed on the optical path through the lens onto the film plate. Incoming light then reflected upward by a mirror reflection and regarding pentaprisma. Pentaprisma then reflect the light a few times until the viewfinder. When the button is released, the glass paving the way for the light so that light can be directly on the film.

Types of lenses

  • The standard lens. This lens is also called normal lens. Measuring 50 mm and provide natural shots of characters.
  • Wide-Angle Lens (Wide Angle Lens). Lenses of this type can be used to capture a vast subject in a narrow space. The character of this lens is to make the subject less than the actual size. By using this type of lens, in the room we can shoot more and more people are lined up when compared with a standard lens. The shorter the focus distance, then the width of his views. The size of this lens beragan ranging from 17 mm, 24 mm, 28 mm and 35 mm.
  • Fish Eye lens. Fish eye lens is wide angle lens with a diameter of 14 mm, 15 mm and 16 mm. These lenses provide 180-degree view. The resulting warped image.
  • Tele lens. Is the inverse telephoto lens wide angle lens. Function of this lens is to get closer to the subject, but the narrow viewing angle. Which includes a telephoto lens is a lens measuring 70 mm and above. Due to the narrow view angle, telephoto lens will blur the surrounding field. However this is not a problem because it used a telephoto lens to get closer view and to focus on a particular subject.
  • Zoom lens. A combination of a standard lens, wide angle lens, telephoto and Lesa. The size of the lens is not fixed, for example 80-200 mm. This lens is quite flexible and has a fairly wide range of lenses. Therefore, the zoom lens is widely used, because users only need to turn the lens size as required.
  • Macro lens. Used a macro lens for photographing small objects.

Development of SLR cameras
DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex)
In principle, SLR and DSLR cameras have a way of working and the same components. The difference is the use of film. SLR cameras use film as a medium-catcher, while the DSLR cameras no longer use film. As a return, DSLR cameras use CCD or CMOS.
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