Install Tuxcut in BackTrack

Written By Namaqu Aoi on Friday, July 13, 2012 | 10:02 PM

Download first Tuxcut on the following link:
Open terminal and write
root@bt:~# dpkg -i TuxCut-3.2_all.deb
After successful installation, edit the file in / usr / share / tuxcut /
then edit the line 63

gwMAC= Get_parameter('arping -I '+icard+'-F'+gwip+' | grep"Unicast"|cut -d" "-f5|cut -d"[" f2 |cut -d"]"-f1')

-after the edit
gwMAC= Get_parameter('arp -a | cut -d" " -f4 | cut -d "[" -f2 | cut -d"]" -f1')

-then save, or press ctrl + x to save the changes
-then run the program
root@bt:~# tuxcut 
Finish and Happy :)


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