Free Software for Windows 7 Password Recovery

Written By Namaqu Aoi on Friday, June 1, 2012 | 6:57 PM

As you lost or forgot windows 7 password, you must be very crazy for you can't use the windows 7 system, maybe you want to send your computer to a repair shop or turn to others for a help. However, I want to tell you it is not a problem, you can solve this problem on your own entirely, so you don't need to trouble anybody . in the following, I would introduce some free software to you, you can use these software to recover windows 7 password easily by yourself.

The first software I would recommend to you is Active Password Charger, it is a professional password reset tool which is based on DOS, it can support not only windows 7, but also windows NT/2000/XP/2003. You don't need to reinstall the system as you lost or forgot the administrator password, this software used the same interface like FDISK, support many hard disk drive, it also can detect multiple SAM documents(if installed multiple system) and choose appropriate SAM files, can show all the local users, easily select the users which need to reset password. in addition, all the other restriction, such as account disable, password never expire, to lock the account, users need to change password again, login time are all can be modified and reset. The second software I would introduce to you is windows key 5.0, after you download this software, there will be three files generated: txtsetup.oem、winkey.sys and winkey.inf, copy them to a floppy disk, make it into a windows key disk, then start the computer with the installed disk, remember press F6 to install the third party drive program. At the same time, when you input the windows key floppy disk, the windowskey interface will appeared. there are many other free software. I would introduce more to you when you have time. What have to remind is, if you want to use free software you must pay attention to those which have good reputation, then you can reset windows 7 password without computer or files be damaged.
I would introduce more free software to you if time is enough, you can make a comparison and choose the best one for you according to your specific conditions, you also can listen to others or login Microsoft Official Website for more information.


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