Microsoft Windows XP CyberXP Xtreme

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Gudang Informasi | Microsoft Windows XP CyberXP Xtreme | CyberXP Xtreme Discover great operating system is Windows XP with various additions and packs the necessary software, after installation you can choose the tools to install in a separate window and all will be installed automatically without your intervention, it is very convenient and fast.

New excellent operating system Windows XP with different additions and packs of necessary software, after setting of the system you will be able to choose the programs for setting in a separate window and all will be set automatically without your interference, it very comfortably and quickly.
Installation Notes

1. Unrar and burn with Nero or UltraISO
2. License Product Key intergated.

Added topic:
VistaVG Black [default] VistaVG Blue

60 reg tweaks
AIO Network. Framework Pack
Adobe Flash AIO
Google Chrome
Foxit Reader 2.3.3309
Nero Micro
NNS Genuine 2.5
Notepad 4,92
Firefox 3.0.6
VLC 0.9.2
Internet Explorer 7
Windows Media Player 11
WinRAR 3.71
Reapers CPUZ 1,48
Kaspersky Internet Security

Year: 2010
Language: Multilingual

MD5 Checksum: F72B92366AD97E8EB171D6C38A7E1AA2
Recovery Record in WinRar: 10%

Password WinRar: carlos_roy_fajarta@idws
Serial Number: No Serial Number Needed
Notes: Windows ini sudah berbentuk ISO
== Download Microsoft Windows XP CyberXP Xtreme IDWS: ==
Download Part1
Download Part2
Download Part3
Download Part4
Download Part5
Download Part6
== Panduan Download & Install: ==

  1. Download Tiap Part
  2. Setelah Selesai Download, Langsung Di Rename Sesuai Dengan Original Name
  3. Microsoft Windows XP CyberXP Xtreme - FiNAL Multilingual 514MB.rar.001 dst.......
  4. Hapus Ekstensi .rar paling belakang (pastikan extensi file di explorer terlihat)
  5. Join dengan Software HJSplit
  6. Buka Dengan WinRar
  7. Ekstrak File Yang Ada Di Dalam WinRar Ke Folder Baru
  8. Masukkan Password Yang Diminta Oleh WinRar.
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