Photobie Design Software

Written By Namaqu Aoi on Friday, July 1, 2011 | 6:45 PM

Friend blog, just a little picture about this software, which is almost the same with photoshop because a lot of similarities in this Photobie software ..
and just to prove it please my friend download the software ..
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Download Photobie Design Software

Photobie software was originally designed by Cheng to edit pictures of his new-born daughter. To entertain her, he also created the flash jukebox. As Photobie became more popular, other useful features such as GIF animation, screen capture, image browser, Photoshop filter plugins host and photo template features were added.

Cheng decided to make Photobie always a free software for personal use so that everyone can enjoy it. Cheng received lots of support from many graphics enthusiasts. Among them, Odidio has made the greatest contribution.


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